Eurovalve, set up in 1988 by a group of people with experience in the process valves sector, manufactures, assembles and sells high quality products.

Eurovalve‘s major objective is to satisfy its customers many specific demands, regardless of whether these be engineering companies or end users.

This is possible thanks to the company’s flexible production structure and existing links and joint projects with important international firms which offer exceptionally high quality products but which are not necessarily themselves flexible enough in terms of design and production.

Through a license to produce these valves and up-dated technical know-how, Eurovalve can produce goods which meet the strictest technical requirements, offering its customers the possibility to take full advantage of the great potential of the companies that Eurovalve represents.Eurovalve offers control and on/off valves which are ideal when the industrial application demands not just high levels of reliability but also full compliance with the safety standards concerned with health and safety at work and safeguarding the environment.